Least Powerful Passports in the World in 2024

World’s Weakest Passports in 2024

In the realm of global travel, the power of a passport is an intriguing reflection of a country’s relationships and standing in the world. The Henley & Partners Passport Index for 2024 has revealed the list of the world’s least powerful passports, offering us insight into the travel limitations that citizens of these countries face.

A passport’s “power” is often measured by the number of countries its holders can enter without needing a visa in advance. Unfortunately, not all passports are created equal, and those at the bottom of the list grant their holders access to fewer countries, affecting their global mobility.

Let’s take a look at the 20 least powerful passports of 2024:

  1. Afghanistan (104th): With a score of 28, Afghan passport holders can access the fewest number of countries visa-free.
  2. Syria (103rd): Syrian citizens have slightly more travel freedom, with a score of 29.
  3. Iraq (102nd): With a score of 31, the Iraqi passport comes in just ahead of Syria.
  4. Pakistan (101st): Pakistani passport holders have a score of 34.
  5. Yemen (100th): Yemeni citizens face significant travel restrictions with a score of 35.
  6. Somalia (99th): Somalia shares its spot with a score of 36.
  7. Palestinian Territories (98th), Nepal (98th), and Libya (98th): These three regions have a tied score of 40.
  8. North Korea (97th): With a score of 42, North Korean citizens have limited visa-free access.
  9. Bangladesh (97th): Bangladeshis share the same score as North Korea.
  10. Sri Lanka (96th) and Eritrea (96th): Both countries have a score of 43, offering their citizens similar levels of travel freedom.
  11. Nigeria (95th), Sudan (95th), Lebanon (95th), and Iran (95th): These passports all share a score of 45.
  12. South Sudan (94th) and Congo (Democratic Republic) (94th): Citizens of these countries can travel to 46 countries without needing a visa beforehand.
  13. Ethiopia (93rd): With a score of 47, Ethiopia stands slightly above Congo and South Sudan.
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These scores reflect geopolitical factors, international relations, and security considerations that countries around the globe take into account. For the citizens of these nations, international travel requires more planning and paperwork, as they often have to apply for visas well in advance of their travel dates.

It’s important to remember that these rankings are not static and can change based on diplomatic relations, security scenarios, and international agreements. While these passports sit at the bottom of the list today, their status could improve in the future with changes in the global political climate.

For travelers from these countries, the dream of hassle-free travel remains a distant one. But in the meantime, these citizens often find creative ways to explore the world within the constraints they face. The passport power list is a reminder of the inequalities in global movement and the work that remains to be done in creating a more connected and accessible world for all.

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