How to Check Huroob Status with Passport Number

What is Huroob in Saudi Arabia

Huroob is the term used in Saudi Arabia to refer to an employee who has absconded or run away from their employer without permission. According to Saudi labor law, if an expatriate employee is absent from work for a certain period without the employer’s consent, the employer must report the employee as a “huroob” to the authorities. In this article we explains how to check Huroob Status in Saudi Arabia.

How to Check Huroob Status withPassport Number

You can check your Huroob status through the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s website,, by following these steps:

Please note: this website is in Arabic. You can use a translator to change the language to English or any other language.

  1. Go to the MOL website using this link.
  2. Enter any of your ID numbers in the top field, including your Iqama number, passport number, or border number.
  3. If you enter your passport number, you will also be required to select your nationality from the drop-down menu below.
  4. Then, enter the image code and click the green button to check.
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check huroob status on iqama in saudi arabia in english

You will be able to view the result just below the form, and you will find your current status under “حالة العامل,” (Worker Status).” The status will show as “غائب عن العمل” which means “Absent from Work” if you are in Huroob status. Otherwise, your status will indicate that you are on the job or similar.

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Recent Changes in Huroob Laws and Legal Options

Recent updates have made it easier to resolve Huroob status by reducing the role of the sponsor (Kafeel), allowing employees more independence to fix their status without the previous employer’s involvement; new rules now allow for transferring the residency permit (Iqama) and removing Huroob within 60 days of being declared absent from work, without needing the current sponsor’s help, through the Qiwa platform.

Expatriates can now get a final exit during Huroob if issued within 60 days, providing a solution for those wanting to rectify their status amicably; while failure to address Huroob can lead to deportation, unfairly terminated individuals can challenge Huroob in court before securing a final exit or transferring Iqama, potentially reversing the status and claiming rightful benefits. Source: KSA Expats

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New Huroob Rules for Domestic Workers

MHRSD has recently announced new rules for termination due to absence for domestic workers. If termination occurs within two years of entry, the worker must leave within 60 days to avoid residency violations. After two years, the worker must either depart or transfer to a new employer within 60 days.

Employers can cancel absence reports within 15 days, after which they become final unless a service transfer or final exit request is made. This initiative provides services for Contract Termination due to Absence and Labor Mobility, ensuring rights of both parties are considered within defined controls. Source: KSA Expats

In conclusion, I hope you now understand how to check your Huroob status on your Iqama, how to remove it even without a sponsor, and how to obtain a final exit visa while on Huroob status.

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