How to Check Insurance Status Using Iqama Number: Easy Guide

Quick Guide to Checking Insurance with Iqama

If you’re residing in Saudi Arabia, you know how important it is to have your health insurance linked to your Iqama (residence permit). It’s not just a requirement by the government but also a safety net for you in case of medical emergencies. Thankfully, checking this has never been easier, thanks to the online portal of the Council of Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia. This article simplifies the process for you, ensuring that anyone can follow along without hassle.

Why Checking Your Insurance Status is Important

In Saudi Arabia, having valid health insurance is mandatory for all residents. This insurance is usually linked to your Iqama. Why check it, you ask? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  1. Health Coverage Security: It confirms that your medical needs are covered, especially in case of illness or emergencies.
  2. Iqama Renewal: Valid insurance is a prerequisite for issuing or renewing your Iqama. Without it, you could face difficulties in getting your ID or accessing healthcare services.
  3. Staying Informed: Regular checks ensure you’re up-to-date with your insurance status, helping you avoid any unexpected issues.
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How to Check Your Insurance Status

Checking your insurance status is a straightforward online process:

  1. Visit the Portal: Head to the Insurance Inquiry page of the Council of Health Insurance (CHI) portal here.
  2. Choose Language: Select ‘English’ for ease of navigation.
  3. Enter Iqama Number: Input your 10-digit Iqama number in the ‘Identity Number’ field.
  4. Verification: Enter the image code for verification and click on the “OK” button.

Upon completion, you’ll instantly see your health insurance policy details, including:

  • Insurance company name
  • Medical network
  • Policy number
  • Class
  • Deductible rate
  • Maximum limit
  • Insurance expiration date
  • Beneficiary type
  • Beneficiary number
guide to checking health insurance policy details with iqama number on CHI website

Using Your Policy at a Network Hospital

To utilize your policy:

  1. Find a Network Hospital: Visit your insurance provider’s website to download a list of network hospitals. Find the one nearest to you.
  2. Visit the Hospital: Once at the hospital, head to the insurance desk and show your Iqama. The staff will guide you through the rest.
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Checking your health insurance status in Saudi Arabia is a simple yet vital task. With your Iqama number and a few clicks, you can ensure that your health coverage is active and up-to-date. Regular checks not only keep you informed but also prepare you for any healthcare needs. Stay safe and insured!

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