How to Check Your Iqama Color Status in Saudi Arabia

Are you wondering what is Nitaqat color in Saudi Arabia? Whether you’re an expatriate resident or just interested in understanding this system, this article is here to guide you. We’ll explain what the Nitaqat color system is and provide a step-by-step guide on how to check your status on the MOL website.

Understanding the Nitaqat Color System

The Nitaqat system is a labor reform initiative in the Kingdom, designed to boost the employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector. Companies are mainly categorized into three colors – Red, Green, and Platinum – based on their adherence to Saudization requirements. These requirements pertain to the percentage of Saudi nationals employed in a company. Companies achieving high ratios (in the Green and Platinum categories) enjoy benefits like easy obtaining work visas for foreign employees. Those in the Red category face restrictions due to lower compliance.

Why You Should Check

For expatriate residents, knowing your Iqama color status is crucial. It influences your employment stability and legal status. The category of your employer affects your ability to renew your Iqama, switch jobs, or sponsor family members for visas. A favorable category (Green or Platinum) suggests more job security and simpler bureaucratic processes, while being in a less favorable category (Red) could lead to challenges.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Check Your Iqama Color Status

Checking your Iqama color status is straightforward, but remember, the MOL website is in Arabic. If you need an English translation, use your browser’s translation function. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official MOL website: MOL Inquiry Page
  2. If using your Iqama number, enter it into the second field on the website.
  3. Input the image code displayed on the screen.
  4. Click on the green button to proceed.
  5. On the following page, you’ll find your Iqama color status. This page also includes other important information regarding your residency, such as your worker permit number, your company’s legal status, and your work status.


Understanding and checking your Iqama color status is an essential part of living and working in Saudi Arabia. It helps you stay informed and compliant with Saudi labor laws, ensuring a stable and lawful residency. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily find out your status and be better prepared to manage the employment landscape in Saudi Arabia.

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